2014-2015 Jeep Eco Diesel 3.0 exhaust fluid injector and harness protection

For North American Vehicles

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 Diesel

roaddebrisYour Jeep Eco Diesel utilizes a consumable fluid injected into the exhaust system as part of the latest EPA emission standards.

The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) reservoir is located at the rear of the vehicle and the fluid is plumbed under the chassis to the middle of the vehicle exposing critical fluid injector parts to road hazards.

There have been many cases of these DEF injectors breaking off when the vehicle is driven through a puddle and over a tree branch or road debris, such as strips of semi-truck and trailer tires.

Some jeep customers have reported dealers not covering these incidents under warranty and charging from $500-$900 for the factory part replacement job. 

Learn more about your vehicle’s vulnerability and hear more bad news.

The Fix

Protect it. Guard it. Shield it. Custom made protection that bolts to the factory chassis in minutes that can be done at home with simple tools.


Vulnerability. Guarded. The diesel exhaust fluid injector and harness guard protects critical parts against road hazards, from debris and while forging water.


Get Yours Today

$125.00 + Shipping

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